How Proper Landscaping Can Save You Money

By: Adam O'Connor
Are you in search of a cost-effective yet eye-pleasing way to lower your energy bills? Adam O'Connor, a Real Estate Agent in Lake Arrowhead offers thwese tips:
A well-designed landscape will:
Slash your summer and winter energy expenses radically
Protect your home from winter wind and summer sun
Lessen consumption of water, pesticides, and fuel for landscaping and lawn maintenance
Help control noise and air pollution
Tree Power
Landscaping should do more than just look good. When buying a tree, make sure you know how big it will be when fully grown. Since evergreens tend to get very tall, don't put them under power lines. Your local nursery should be able to help you with more energy-saving landscape tips.
Landscaping may be the best long-term investment for reducing home heating and cooling costs, believe it or not. The US Department of Energy estimates that the proper placement of as few as three trees can save the average household between $100 and $250 annually in energy costs. There are three major factors in landscaping for energy efficiency: your house's orientation to the sun, the amount of shade you'll need, and the strength and direction of wind around your home.
Planting trees can save not just you, but the entire United States of America money. According to a report prepared by the National Academy of Sciences, urban America has 100 million potential tree spaces, the use of which could result in savings of $3.5 billion per year. Studies by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory found summer daytime temperatures to be 3 to 6F cooler in tree-shaded neighborhoods than in treeless ones. To find a new home that already has the tree power see Lake Arrowhead real estate listings.

Landscaping for Less
Landscaping doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. Here are some ways to rein in your budget:
Do it yourself.
Be patient.
Buy gravel, topsoil and potting soil etc. in bulk.
Buy at off-peak prices - late summer and fall are the best times to catch clearance sales.
Look for bargains.
Grow your own plants.
Be environmentally correct.
A Little Care Goes A Long Way
Motorized lawn mowers, trimmers, chippers/shredders and such should be protected from rain and snow - and hot sun. To help hoses last longer, store them on the shady side of the house and coil them without knots or tangles. Wheelbarrows, buckets and other containers should be stored upside down to keep them dry and clean. Rub a little petroleum jelly, used motor oil or vegetable oil on rakes, shovels and hoes after each use to eliminate rust and keep the edges sharp longer.
Landscaping with Low Maintenance Plants
For a lot of people, the prospect of landscaping fills them with anxiety as they consider the hassle connected with taking care of plants and gardens and trees without spending plenty of money to have someone else do it. The first thing these folks should do is to choose plants that need very little maintenance. Search out quality plants adapted to the growing conditions in your area. A visit to the local master gardener will allow you to find out which plants grow best in your area. See a listing of Lake Arrowhead businesses that can help.


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