Retaining wall contractor in Monroeville, Pa.
Crafting the Perfect Landscape

In the bustling suburb of Monroeville, Pa., there are plenty of homeowners who are looking for the perfect way to add to their home's property value. After years of mulching and planting, many homeowners decide to take a page out of many of their neighbor's books and opt for installing a retaining wall.

As retaining walls have grown in popularity, so has the number of retaining wall contractors in Monroeville. From amateurs to the experienced, these retaining wall contractors in Monroeville are crafting the perfect landscape utilizing the latest and greatest, as well as the tried and true methods of retaining wall construction.

Prior to hiring a retaining wall contractor in Monroeville, homeowners need to be sure that they are familiar with the different materials that can be used to create their retaining wall. Walls can be constructed from wood timbers, natural stone, old railway ties, boulders or concrete segmental retaining wall block or "SRWs."

Homeowners should also know exactly the point of a retaining wall. Most retaining wall contractors in Monroeville will tell you that a retaining wall is a stabilizing structure used to hold sloping ground in place, and to prevent the erosion and the movement of soil. It also allows for more property space by taking away slopes in the yard.

Once the homeowner has read up on the "why" and the "how" it is then time to choose the "who." Word of mouth travels far, so homeowners should consult their friends, family and neighbors to discuss possible candidates of retaining wall contractors in Monroeville. Testimonials will hold a lot of weight, as will the rapport that the homeowner and contractor build through their initial meetings.

Crafting the perfect landscape can easily be done if the homeowner finds that perfect retaining wall contractor in Monroeville and if the homeowner and contractor work together to achieve that goal.

Retaining Wall Examples

garden wall tie timber wall wood
versa lok block wall natural stone wall

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