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Outdoor Living Spaces in Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh outdoor living space
We can all agree that Pittsburgh is a beautiful place to live but it can be tough finding entertaining ways to spend your time with family and friends outside of shopping, sporting activities and getting out in mother nature. With that being said its safe to assume you have to get creative.

Did you know one of the best ways to entertain family and friends can be in your own back yard? Yes that's right you may not think that drab outdated patio area you have now is worth calling people over for a cookout, however by hiring the right outdoor living contractor that can change quickly and dramatically.

When your transformation is completed, you will gain a feeling of pride when family and friends come over for an entertaining evening utilizing Your new outdoor living space complete with seating walls wrapped around a cozy fire pit, refreshing outdoor bar with built in fridge, and the built in grill complete with Led lighting so the space can be utilized late into the night.
Let's face it, the most fulfilling days are usually spent with your friends and loved ones anyhow.
So why not create some great memories, save the hassle of travel and enjoy the luxurious retreat of your own backyard with a fully customized outdoor living space.

Your Outdoor Living Space Can Include -

Outdoor kitchens (complete with a sink, doors for storage, grill, outlets for power etc.)

Stand-alone grilling island (the built in style looks much better than a grill standing all alone)

Fire-pit (natural wood burning, gas logs, decorative fire glass etc.)

Seating walls (perfect for wrapping around a fire pit area)

Separate sunken or raised patios (this can give your outdoor living area some separation, depth and dimension)

Area's designed for dining and outdoor furniture for relaxing.

Wood fired pizza ovens  (kids love this feature)

LED lighting ( low intensity lighting making the entire outdoor living space very usable at night without the glare of traditional overhead lights)

Outdoor bar island (complete with mini fridge, and draft beer on tap)

Water Features (pond, fountain or built in waterfalls)

And much more...

Outdoor Living Area Design and Quote

Palat Landscaping has really simplified the process of designing and installing your outdoor living area.
The steps below are all that is needed prior to the completion of your back yard retreat.

The first step is a on-site evaluation.  Jason will come to your home to discuss the details of your outdoor living area, during this time your ideas can be expressed, recommendations will be made and the necessary measurements and photos will be taken.

Next the initial quote for the proposed work will be emailed to you. At this point changes can be made to the quote by either scaling it back, or adding items to it.

Once we figure out the final details and particular materials to be used the 3D landscape outdoor living design process will begin. (see below video for an example of a 3D design)

After the final design is approved a contract will be sent and the job can be scheduled for installation.

Outdoor living contractor Pittsburgh LED hardscape lighting
Outdoor living company Pittsburgh
Outdoor Kitchen Pittsburgh
Outdoor living space fire pit seating wall

3D Outdoor living design example-

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