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Railroad Tie and Timber Retaining wall Contractor in Pittsburgh.

Timber Wall

The Pittsburgh region is known for its rolling hills and landscapes. Because of these hills, many homeowners turn to installing Timber or Tie retaining walls to maximize usable property space, as well as add dimension, depth and beauty to any outdoor setting.

At Palat Landscaping, we understand the benefits of a properly constructed wall, whether it be Timber or railroad tie and the importance of building one with the integrity to last a long time.

The first step in our timber or railroad tie wall process is an on-site evaluation, where we will come to your home or business to take measurements and discuss your different retaining wall options. If there is a failing existing retaining wall on the property already, we will investigate what caused the wall to fail and the different options the owner has to rectify the retaining wall situation, which may include building a new one properly.

Following the property estimate, Jason will email, call, or mail a formal proposal highlighting all the details of your Pittsburgh retaining wall project and the total cost to complete the job.

If the timber or railroad tie wall proposal is accepted, we will then schedule the job. In no time, you will see what a difference a new tie wall will make on your property. 

Timber or Railroad Tie Wall Examples

Rarking pad timber wall Railroad tie wall Driveway Timber walls

timber wall
railroad tie wall
timber tie wall

8 year Angie's list award recipient in retaining wall category  

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