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Block Retaining Walls In the Pittsburgh Area.  

Due to the amount of hills and terrain changes we have in the Pittsburgh area it is said we has more retaining walls than any other city in the country. These walls make it possible to create more usable space on each property in which slopes are present. Pittsburgh also has a long and dreaded winter which includes many freeze and thaw cycles per season.

For this reason it is very important when creating or replacing a retaining wall it needs to be engineered to last in these conditions, an Improperly designed retaining wall will move just a little bit each time there is a freeze and thaw cycle.  This movement will result in the wall leaning forward and eventually its failure over time. You may have noticed but there is no shortage of leaning retaining walls in the area.

This is why it's of such importance to do your homework prior to hiring a retaining wall contractor and be sure to hire a contractor with the proper knowledge, Equipment and experience to install a retaining wall system that will last the test of time. 

Here at Palat Landscaping, we recommend and regularly install Versa-Lok retaining wall systems based on durability, visual appeal, versatility and the ability to last the test of time. We also install techo block retaining walls systems, these are usually reserved for a more decorative but are also very durable materials.

If your interested in getting a quote or have any questions at all about your retaining wall project just fill out the form below or give a call anytime.

Retaining Wall Examples

Versalok Slate Blend Newport Blend Versa-Lok versalok custom Steps
desert blend versa-lok Sierra Versa-lok versalok newport parking pad.jpg


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