Pools Landscaping Tips Revealed

By: Tony Robinson

The best time to start thinking about landscaping is before the pool goes in.

Landscaping around your pool can make a big difference to the appearance of your investment. Plants and paving can enhance the visual appeal of your pool and a good garden designer can complete the picture. They have great experience with a variety of pool settings and will help with the design even if you elect to do the job yourself.

The main factors to think about when landscaping are the sun, wind and how much space you have available before planning the planting and paving. It is important to remember that paving and reticulation must go in the same time as the pool as it can be difficult and messy to install later

When planning your poolside garden, there are some important rules to remember:

* Plant no-mess plants away from the pool so that leaves do not become a problem in the skimmer box or filter system.

* Avoid lemon-scented gums and jacarandas which drop flowers and some evergreen trees as they also drop all their foliage throughout the swimming season. Native plants are also not advisable as they tend to be messy.

* Plant deciduous plants as they shed all their leaves in winter when nobody is swimming. Conifers are also great near pools as they are clean and tend to trap dead foliage under the skirts of their canopies. They also are available in a great range of sizes and shades of green. Remember to plant summer-flowering plants that will be at their peak during the swimming season. Some ideal plants are hibiscus, gardenia, frangipani, canna lilies and the golden shower tree.

* Palms look great in clusters near our pool and combine well with leafy plants such as flax, yucca and dracaena.

* Avoid flowering plants that may attract insects such as bees which could possibly sting whilst you are using the pool.

* Ensure you are aware of the size the plants are capable of growing to before you purchase and plant them. Problems do arise in later years when trying to remove overgrown plants and trees in restrictive areas such as poolsides.

Remember a well planned and designed pool will give you more time to enjoy it and less time spent cleaning.

Tony Robinson is an outdoor and watersports lover. Here he reveals tips and tecniques for successful pool landscaping. Visit his site at Pool Landscaping now


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