What material options do you offer for retaining walls?

Walls can be constructed from old railway ties, 6 by 6" pressure treated timbers, Cut stone boulders and concrete segmental retaining wall block. most commonly we install Versa-lok retaining wall systems"

Why are pavers a better option than poured concrete?

People chose pavers for the following reasons. 1- they wont crack shift or settle or Pit. 2- They are meant to move instead of crack with freeze and thaw cycles and thats a major bonus considering our Pittsburgh winter weather. 3- From a cost perspective usually pavers are less expensive to install than poured concrete. 4- The look poured and even stamped / stained concrete cant compare to that of a paver patio.

What can be part of my Outdoor Living space?

Outdoor kitchens (complete with a sink, doors for storage, grill, outlets for power etc.) Stand-alone grilling island (the built in style looks much better than a grill standing all alone) Fire pit (natural wood burning or gas logs, glass etc.) Seating walls (perfect for wrapping around a fire pit area) Separate sunken or raised patios (To give your outdoor living area some depth and dimension) Area's designed for dining table and outdoor furniture for relaxing. Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, built in (Kids love this feature) Led night lighting (Great for low intensity lighting making the entire outdoor living space very usable at night) Outdoor bar island (complete with mini fridge, built in keg for draft beer with tap) Water Features (pond, fountain or built in waterfalls) And much more...

What low maintenance options are available for my property?

If you are looking for low maintenance solutions for your property, fortunately there are plenty of options. If you are tired of mulching every year, consider installing a rock garden. You have a lot of options when it comes to bringing a rock garden to life and making it really stand tall.

Your plant selection is also very important if your goal is low maintenance landscaping. Plants that need trimmed only once per year are considered low maintenance. We always design landscapes keeping low maintenance plants in mind.

Another great low maintenance option is the installation of ground covers. There are many ground covers to choose from although some are more attractive than others. Besides covering the ground these covers can also stabilize a hillside and keep weeds to a minimum. Also, it looks great to add a permanent border made of natural stone, or a brick-type edger. This way, the rock stays in its place and prevents the beds from needing edged manually in the future.

How does the Outdoor living / landscape design process work?

Outdoor Living Contractor Pittsburgh for more information about the process.

Does Palat Landscaping offer a warranty?

Yes we offer a 5 Year Craftsmanship warranty, material warranties are honored direct by material manufacture.

Why did my retaining wall to fail?

If you wall is over 4' tall and has not been re-enforced this would be the number one cause of failure, the second most common reason for failure we see is contractor incompetence / disregard for best practice.

Does Palat Landscaping provide References?

Yes we do happily provide references upon request.

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