What material options do you offer for retaining walls?

Walls can be constructed from old railway ties, wood timbers, natural stone, boulders or even revolutionary concrete segmental retaining wall block or "SRWs."

What options are available for improving my lawns appearance?

If a thinning lawn, dead spots, or patches of burned out grass are turning your backyard into an eyesore, then our overseeding service could be the answer for you. There are a couple of ways to overseed. One way is the core aeration method and the other is by slice seeding. Sometimes both methods can be used depending upon the soil conditions and other factors.

When is the Best time to Seed a Lawn?

Fall is the best time with spring being a close second, fall is the better time to seed since seedlings wont have to compete with weed seedlings germinating and competing for space in the spring.

Also with the drought of summer root establishment is key to survival. Fall seeding gives seedlings more time to establish a mature root system and survive the drought conditions.

What low maintenance options are available for my property?

If you are looking for low maintenance solutions for your property, fortunately there are plenty of options. If you are tired of mulching every year, consider installing a rock garden. You have a lot of options when it comes to bringing a rock garden to life and making it really stand tall.

Your plant selection is also very important if your goal is low maintenance landscaping. Plants that need trimmed only once per year are considered low maintenance. We always design landscapes keeping low maintenance plants in mind.

Another great low maintenance option is the installation of ground covers. There are many ground covers to choose from although some are more attractive than others. Besides covering the ground these covers can also stabilize a hillside and keep weeds to a minimum. Also, it looks great to add a permanent border made of natural stone, or a brick-type edger. This way, the rock stays in its place and prevents the beds from needing edged manually in the future.

How does the Landscaping design process work?

Please Refer to the landscaping design page by Clicking Here.

How does your company maintain weeds?

We provide herbicide applications up to four times a year, but we can also treat weeds more often, if necessary. If you are not in favor of the use of herbicides, we can also pull the weeds manually. As with any aspect of landscaping, timing and weather are also major factors in properly eliminating weeds. We are fully licensed and insured for the use of herbicides and pesticides.

What about lawn fertilization?

Typically we utilize a four-step process to properly fertilize the lawns that we service – Early Spring Application, Summer/Grub Application, Late Summer/Early Fall Application and Late Fall/Winterize Application.

1. Early Spring - This application promotes a lush green lawn and helps your lawn recover from the stress caused by winter. In addition to feeding the lawn, we can also treat the broadleaf weeds that tend to pop up. This application will include preventative crabgrass control.

2. Summer/Grub - The summertime heat brings its own unique set of challenges to the maintenance of your lawn's health, including drought, insect stress and disease. We treat your lawn with a balanced summer fertilizer, and we will also treat for any weeds or insects we encounter. (Please note: We will not treat with pesticides without the consent of the homeowner/property management.) We also recommend that at this time your lawn be treated for grubs. Grubs are a double threat because they directly injure your lawn by feeding on the roots of your lawn and the moles that feast on grubs can tunnel through your lawn in search of their meal. The damage that could result from one solitary mole can be catastrophic.

3. Late Summer/Early Fall - During this application we work to enhance the color, thickness, an overall health of your lawn. Meanwhile, we will also continue to watch for harmful insects and treat for weeds as needed.

4. Late Fall/Winterize- The threat of winter damage requires a balanced feeding of your lawn. The winterizer fertilizer is similar to regular fertilizer but it has more potassium and slightly less nitrogen. The potassium improves your lawn's tolerance to cold and enhances the root systems of the grass to withstand the harsh winter months ahead.
What kind of clean-up services do you provide?

Palat Landscaping performs cleanups in both the fall and spring seasons.

The fall clean-up service includes the pick-up and removal of all leaves and debris in your lawn. If your trees tend to drop their leaves at the same time, then one clean-up is typically all that is required. However, if the trees drop their leaves over a longer period of time, we can schedule multiple clean-ups so the leaves do not sit on your lawn for a long period of time. During fall clean-up we also cut down all of the perennials and ornamental grasses for the season. But for the homeowners who prefer that these perennials and grasses are not cut, we can tie the plants so they have the support necessary to withstand the harsh winter.

The spring clean-up service includes the picking up and removal of all the leaves and debris left over from the fall. We will also cut back any perennials and ornamental grasses that need it and that are left over from the fall.

Why is mulching important? What types of mulch are available?

Applying mulch is very important for providing ample soil moisture around the roots of plants. By adding mulch around your landscape, weeds can be kept to a minimum and your property will look its best.

Colored or painted mulches are most commonly used and these can be a great way to keep a rich color all season long. However, we at Palat Landscaping, strongly recommend the use of hardwood bark mulches instead. Hardwood bark mulches tend to break down better and enrich your soil with beneficial nutrients much faster than colored mulches. If it is a new landscape installation it's also best to use a hardwood bark mulch option since plants go through transplant shock when they are first planted. For this reason, it is best that these plants don't absorb paint from colored or painted mulch each time they take up water.

What credentials does your company have to perform landscaping services?

Besides being a fully licensed and insured landscaping contractor, Palat Landscaping is pleased to announce that we are also a registered Pennsylvania landscaping contractor. As part of Act 132, the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act, all contractors performing residential improvements must be registered with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office. Our Pennsylvania landscaping contractor registration number is PA- 021178. We are also a certified Pesticide Applicator (BU# 9868).

To verify that a contractor is registered with the Attorney General's office, consumers can call 1-888-520-6680 or visit www.attorneygeneral.gov.

Does Palat Landscaping provide References?

Yes we do provide references upon request telephone numbers names and addresses will be given if requested

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