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LED Landscape lighting can add safety and beauty to a property as well as make the ambiance of your deck or patio more comfortable and appealing.

According to stair safety statistics, there are more than "1 million accidents resulting in injury per year on stairs." This staggering statistic makes stair accidents the second leading cause of unintended injury, but this statistic can be drastically decreased if more people consider adding lighting to their home and business staircases. Also landscape lighting is a great deterrent for any potential home invasion since there will not be any dark corners of your property where one can just slip by unnoticed.

LED lighting isn't just for outdoor living spaces or landscapes either. At Palat Landscaping, we are able to illuminate retaining walls, walkways, fences, decks, patios, steps, pool areas, sheds or anything else that may look better and be more functional if illuminated.

Using our new Professional photo editing software, we can now take a photo of any area that you are considering having illuminated and show you a night view lighting design of what your home or business would look with the LED lighting installed. We also have samples on hand that we can set up at your home overnight so you will be able to see the lights first hand.

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 LED Landscape Lighting

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