Pittsburgh Landscaping Maintenance

Landscaping maintenance in Pittsburgh can be thought of as a daunting task due to the amount of annual rainfall the region may receive. Here in Pittsburgh one can expect the lawn will need to be cut every week, most shrubbery will need trimmed 2-3 times per season, and weeding can also be an ongoing process. If any of these maintenance items are left overlooked, your property can quickly become the eyesore of the neighborhood. Needless to say, with this kind of growth someone will have to put in some time each week to maintain your landscaping here in Pittsburgh. Lots of homeowners actually enjoy cutting the lawn and doing their own landscaping projects. For those homeowners, lawn work can be therapeutic. However some homeowners are not able to approach lawn work with such enthusiasm. Seasonal allergies, a busy schedule, and general lack of interest are major reasons why homeowners look to the professionals to keep their landscaping looking great. If you fit this category, then hiring a professional Pittsburgh landscaping Maintenance contractor may be the solution you are looking for. Here at Palat Landscaping we can help you maintain your property and keep it looking its best at a very affordable price.

We offer the following services to help with your "Pittsburgh landscaping Maintenance":
*Grass cutting *Pruning of shrubbery and small trees *Lawn, tree, and shrub fertilization *Herbicide and pesticide applications *Pressure washing*Spring and Fall clean-ups

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