The Decision to add a New Paver Patio to your Pittsburgh Residence.

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Thinking of installing a new patio, walkway or driveway at your residence in the Pittsburgh area?

From simple brick and larger slab pavers to permeable pavement applications that keep rainfall away from storm sewers, we provide multiple options to suit your budget and site requirements.

We can recommend the right product and have the experience to install the pavers properly so they withstand the test of time.

Why choose concrete pavers over traditional poured concrete?

Simply put, in Pittsburgh (or anywhere else in the northeast), we have many freeze and thaw cycles. This is the number one reason that poured concrete cracks. Once poured concrete cracks, water creeps in, lays below the slab, and freezes. This leads to the heaving and shifting problems we are so used to seeing in the Pittsburgh area.  The solution? Pavers!

Individual paving units are meant to flex slightly with the freeze and thaw cycles, thus, making cracking impossible. Not only that, pavers are lower in cost, aesthetically pleasing, and have the unique ability to replace a single paver if ever needed.

One other thing to note is most concrete pavers are manufactured with a high compressive strength (8,000 12,000 psi) as opposed to poured concrete which is much weaker and can lead to more problems such as flaking, pitting and scaling.

Now that it's clear why pavers are better choice for your next Pittsburgh Patio, walkway or driveway project. Feel free to sign up for a design and estimate below.

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